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my answer to my soul's calling to step up and out as a guide and mentor to women who are where I've been.

Are you a smart, motivated woman who is tired of:

  • playing small?
  • feeling flat & frustrated?
  • living someone else's idea of what your life should be?
  • living in a body you don't know or love?

SAD Food & Toxic Thoughts weigh us down, hold us back and keep us from knowing our Essential Selves. Without this connection to essence, our attempts to claim our Life Purposes, share our gifts with the world, experience multi- dimensional abundance and become the fullest expressions of who we are meant to be are severely limited.

Bringing together years (decades!) of personal and professional experience and training in scientific hand analysis, health coaching, plant-based & raw nutrition, colon therapy, eastern & western spirituality, nature cure, therapeutic bodywork and universal principles of energy and abundance, I've created a powerful collection of programs and services that accompany you, the meant-to-be powerhouse, through profound transformation. I invite you to claim your life’s mission as you move from apathy to energy, passivity to passion and frustration to fulfillment. You can make your mark in the world in a body you know how to nourish. 

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Recent blog posts

Annie's Grandma's Dill Pickles

Posted by on in What I'm Eating


I love pickles - always have, always will.  I grew up with homemade dills and would, and do, eat half sours at any opportunity.  I don't know where my love for them came from and really, why would I question it? Everyone has their favorite seasoning combo for pickles. I've stayed pretty true to my family's recipe but have decreased the salt & left out the bell pepper my grandmother used. 

  • It's important to use fresh cucumbers, so plan on putting these up as soon as you bring the cukes home (or in from the garden).
  • I've found that I can only fit about 4 Kirby's in a jar while still leaving enough room at the top. If you're able to get consistently petite cukes, you might be able to fit more. 
  • This recipe is based on a ratio of 3 Tbsp salt to 1 quart water. 
  • The leaves mentioned below will help to keep the pickles crisp. My grandmother never used them and I don't either, mostly because I don't have ready access to them.  I think they'd be worth trying. 

Pickling Cukes (approx 4 per jar)

Fresh Dill Sprigs (2 per jar)

Garlic Cloves, peeled (1 per jar)

Jalapeños (1/4 to 1/2 per jar depending on how big the pepper is)

Black Peppercorns (about 12 per jar)

Kosher salt or Sea salt (just not iodized salt)

Fresh grape or horseradish leaves, if you have access to them (1 per jar)


Squeaky clean quart-sized mason jars & lids
A larger container for making the brine - I use a 1/2 gallon mason jar with a lid

  1. Trim any stem or blossom bits from the ends of the cukes - very important - and rinse them well.
  2. Put all the cukes in an ice water bath to perk up while you're prepping everything else.
  3. Mix up a brine solution.  If you're using a 1/2 gallon jar, combine 6 Tbsp salt with 2 qts. chlorine-free water.  Close the jar & shake vigorously to dissolve the salt. 
  4. In each quart jar place the dill, garlic, jalapeño, peppercorns and leaves, if using. 
  5. Then pack each jar with the cukes, making sure to leave about 1 inch of space at the top.
  6. Fill each jar with the brine, making sure the Kirby's are covered and there's still some room left at the top. You may need to make some more brine, depending on how many jars you're putting up. 
  7. Put lids on the jars and seal well. Store them in a relatively cool place, like a basement, or root cellar if you're lucky enough to have one. 
  8. After about 1 week they'll start to qualify as dills and by four weeks they should be fully fermented. It will depend on how warm it is. You can taste them any time in that window.  Once you open a jar, though, transfer it to the fridge. 
  9. You can also transfer unopened jars to the fridge once you've deemed them sufficiently fermented. This will slow the process down. When I was growing up, we stored them in our basement until we wanted to open a jar, which means that most of the jars would be down there for months. Many people, though, prefer to refrigerate unopened jars. 

Getting Detox Ready

Posted by on in Nourish Your Body
Spring is around the corner and with it come desires to do some deep cleaning, sweeping away the cobwebs and clutter that have been building up in our homes and bodies over the cold winter months.  While the time may be not quite ripe for a full on fast ~ the Spring Equinox arrives on March 20 ~ now is the perfect time to start prepping so that you’ll get the most of your change of seasons body cleanse as the weather starts to warm.  Here are 10 tips you can choose from, any of which will give your body a head start and make your full-on detox experience easier and more effective. Pick the ones that resonate most; those that your body is asking for, those that your intuition is calling for.

Say Hello to Hydration ~ If you’ve gotten away from your good water habits, or if you’ve never really had them, this is the time to start drinking up.  Begin your morning with warm lemon water; alkalinize throughout the day with apple cider vinegar in water; drink herbal tea if your world remains chilly & plain water doesn’t appeal.

Enjoy Exfoliation ~ Ah, skin brushing.  I recommend it to all of my colonic clients and it’s an essential part of Clean, Clear & Confident: A Private, Personal 28-Day Custom Cleanse.  Support your body’s largest organ of elimination by regularly ridding your skin’s surface of dead cells.  A natural bristle brush or loofah is your tool of choice for brushing in a circular motion, beginning at your toes & fingers and moving toward your heart.

Sleep ~ Get more. Period.

Eliminate Early~ A common challenge among detoxers is that they are often giving up lots of bad eating habits at once, which can be difficult physically and emotionally.  Be gentle with yourself by beginning to eliminate those pesky foods now.

Practice ~ Intermittent fasting is becoming popular.  Consider a one-day-a-week fast, especially if you’re new to cleanses and fasts, to become acquainted with what liquid existence is like.  Some people opt for water, while others go with green juices.  If an all-liquid 24 hours doesn’t feel right, perhaps 24 hours of fresh fruit appeals.

Make a Date ~ Another place I see people stumble is with the timing of their cleanse.  Look at your calendar now and set aside some sacred time when you won’t have any major events that will make detoxing more difficult.  Then, and this is super important, honor that sacred time, whether you’ve given yourself a long weekend or an entire month.

Go Green ~ Start adding more leafy greens to your daily diet now and your tastebuds will thank you later.

Sweat ~ Whether you do this through exercise, sauna or steam (ideally, you’ll go with one active and one passive), include your lungs and skin (again) in the process of detoxification.  Establishing the habit now will make it more likely that you’ll use this incredibly supportive detox tool during your cleanse.

Get Your Juice On ~ If you don’t already juice on a regular basis, this is a great time to familiarize yourself with it.  Delicious juicing requires some thinking ahead, laying in supplies and setting aside time for prepping, processing and clean-up.  Getting into the rhythm of it now will help you avoid overwhelm or frustration during your cleanse.  Start with two juices a week and build from there. This also gives you a chance to experiment with different recipes and to discover the ones that you love.

Got Stress?

Posted by on in Nourish Your Soul
StressedOutI've been offering a class locally this month called StressLess. When my town's recreation department posted about it on Facebook, a couple of people commented that they had to keep stress in their lives, that they couldn't imagine their lives without it.  The comments were offered in a light hearted way, but I have to admit that my heart felt a bit heavier for reading them. Not because of any sense of perceived slight, but because I could feel that underneath the laughter was a serious truth; that at some point these folks had surrendered and aren't aware of the long-term effects.  And that's sad.

We all know that in certain situations, some degree of stress can help us perform at our best.  That's not the kind of stress I'm talking about.  I'm referring to the various sources of stress that invade our lives on a daily basis and can, depending on how we respond, cumulatively contribute to some very real consequences, such as:
  • accelerated aging
  • immune system suppression
  • cardiovascular risks
  • memory, attention & other cognitive challenges
  • anxiety, depression, irritability, overwhelm, etc.
  • digestive difficulties
  • and on & on
So, given that we know that there is a very real downside to not managing stress, why do we sometimes, or consistently, let it manage us?  I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are consequences, but in my work I tend to see a few common themes.  Perhaps you can identify with one or more of them:

It's a distraction ~ The sources of stress often keep us busy, physically and/or mentally, which means that we aren't "faced" with those slower, quieter times where we might choose to consider the aspects of our lives that aren't working so well, or we might notice that our hearts and souls are calling us in new and bigger directions.

It strokes our egos - When the sources of stress are commitments that require our time and energy then our local selves, our egos, feel important.  Sometimes, though, there's some masking going on - filling our lives with things that confer an appearance of importance because deep on the inside we don't feel significant at all - we've forgotten that we matter just because we are children of God, of the Universe.

We've given up our power ~  We forget that we have choices, first about which stressors we're going to allow into our lives and then about how we respond to them. While it's true that sometimes stressors are thrust upon us, such as a serious accident or illness in the family,  it's more common that people mistake voluntary for involuntary sources of stress.  Then, whether involuntary or not, we don't remember that we have choices about how we're going to live with them.

I invite you, then, to do a quick stress reality check.  All you need is paper, pen, about 10 minutes, and the willingness to be compassionately open and honest with yourself.

  1. Make a list of all the sources of stress in your life right now.
  2. Review the list, placing a V next to those that are voluntary and an I next to those that are Involuntary.  Go back and look at the I's again.  Are you sure that they're involuntary sources of stress?
  3. Make a second list of all of the V's that you're ready and willing to let go of, and go ahead and cross them off of your first list.
  4. Good.  Now you've got two lists to work with.  The first list contains those sources of stress that you know will remain in your life, at least for now.  The second contains those that you will be letting go of.
If you would like some help in putting together an action plan for either of the lists - how to healthfully co-exist with the stressors that are staying, or how to let go of those whose time has come, then I would love to offer you a complimentary Self-Care Strategy call.  You can register for an action-oriented, 30-minute conversation with me right here.
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